Chloe-Rose Crabtree is a chef from Los Angeles currently pursuing a graduate degree in History and Literature from Columbia University’s campus in Paris. She is studying the evolution of US food education during the nineteenth century through an analysis of domestic guides and cookbooks produced at the time. She decided to put her culinary career on hold to further understand her professional work and the socio-political underpinnings of the food industry.

This all may seem a bit much for a food blog, but don’t worry, there will be delicious pie recipes too!

Follow along on Twitter and Instagram for more musings and pictures of Paris, food, and her true love, Archie.



  1. Aloha from Honolulu! Your sourdough version of the Bravetart yukone bagel is exactly the obscure but perfect item I was looking for! I’ve made many bagels and many Japanese/Tangzhong breads but have only recently started my foray into sourdough so how fabulous to find this recipe. I can’t wait to try your recipe. I’ll likely have to tweak it some to accommodate the Hawaiian tropical weather which can cause stickiness, overproofing, and over-hygroscopic crusts but I’ve found fermenting in the fridge to work pretty well so we shall see. I do have a question: are you using the slap and fold method in the initial stage of your kneading of the sticky dough? Or will regular kneading accomplish the same thing on what you describe as a pretty wet and sticky dough?

    This sounds like a really fun and interesting recipe and I really look forward to making it once some cooler drier air returns to the islands! Mahalo and aloha, PJ


    1. Be sure to share your tweaks! I’m sure there are others in humid climates that would The dough is only sticky by bagel dough standards, I do a regular knead, and then wash my hands after 8 turns to remove any dough that has stuck to them and it the dough won’t stick to my hands after that as the gluten has built up enough for the dough to stick to itself. I hope you enjoy looking at the other recipes too, and I cannot wait to hear about your bagels!


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